Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I LOVE HIM: Ryan Reynolds

Who doesn't?

A good 'ol hard-working Canadian boy, Ryan Reynolds is (as Yoda would say.) He's got wit, style, money, talent, and most importantly, good looks.

Here's a brief review which Reynolds videos you should 'do or ditch':

DITCH = National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002)
DITCH = Foolproof (2003)

DITCH = Zeroman (TV Show - 2004)
DO = Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle (2004)
DITCH = Waiting (2005)
DO = Just Friends (2005)
DO = Smokin' Aces (2007)
DITCH = Chaos Theory (2008)

DO = Adventureland (2009)
DO = The Proposal (2009)
DO = X-Men Origins - Wolverine (2009)

Those are all the Reynolds films I've seen. If you've got opinions on any others or even these same ones, let me know. I'd love to know if there's another DO to add to the list.

With co-star Anna Faris in Just Friends

In my opinion, Reynolds has definitely refined his acting over the years. We see him in more clever witty roles, rather than in vulgar humour roles. I guess that comes with the aging process too. He's not 20 anymore. He's married, getting older, and his humour has probably changed over the years to become more witty and intelligent to suit the movies he's choosing.

With co-star Sandra Bullock for The Proposal

He is one actor I hope is around for a long time. The next Johnny Depp? MMM..... no chance, no one can fill that role, but he's definitely up there.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I HEARD IT: Top Tunes of March

Now that March is almost over, I shall reminisce about the music I enjoyed during this gloriously warm month.

Vampire Weekend - Giving up the Gun
Seriously, one of my favourite songs right now. VW's new album
Contra is amazing. They not only matched my expectations, but exceeded them with this album. All the hype surrounding it before it's release was not unfounded. Vampire Weekend is a band for the record books.

The reason I love 'Giving Up the Gun' is the layers in the song. There are so many different instrumental elements that compliment each other, rather than compete. The most profound instrument in the song is Ezra's voice. It is in a league of it's own.

Oh, and Jake Gyllenhaal is in the music video. Another reason to love the song.

The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Nothing new about these guys. Being one of the most influential bands of the 60's, you've probably heard it all before, but it never hurts to hear it again.

Phoenix - Rome
Great song from a great band. These Frenchies know where music is at. Love 'em!

The Soft Pack - C'mon
Originally deemed The Muslims and hailing from San Diego, I have a special place in my heart for, as they are now called, The Soft Pack. We saw them play last year in Toronto; they put on a pretty good set, despite having a lack-luster crowd. After the show, we chilled with them for a bit and now they are our Facebook friends. They are playing in Toronto again on April 7th, so go check them out! And check out this song! You can't help tapping your foot to this one....

The Clash - London Calling
This song never gets old. Never. And I am hereby declaring it the theme song for when we go to London, England in May.

Franz Ferdinand
- Take Me Out
Another semi-oldie, but a real-goodie.
Such a stellar beat. I'm thinking this will be the theme song for when we visit Glasgow in May, Franz's home city.

The Hives - Tick Tick Boom
Why are the Swedish so cool? Thinking backwards, why are The Hives so cool? Because they're Swedish! Oh, and because they have smooth style in their signature black and white suits. And finally, because they are giants in the video for Tick Tick Boom. I've posted enough. Look it up if you want to see it. It's worth it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I WATCHED IT: H.R. Pufnstuf

Has anyone even heard of this show?
Well, you should. And you are about to.

First broadcast in 1969, this children's show ran for 3 years before it was cut. A regular on NBC's Saturday morning cartoons at the time, they even went on to film a movie in it's honour and a number of stage tours were performed across the States.

This is classic. So classic that this is what kids nowadays should be watching. Something bizarre and twisted that makes your imagination go wild. I wish I would have watched this when I was younger. And there should be no excuses that parents feel this would be too scary for their children. Barney is a big purple dinosaur, for cying out loud! And Sesame Street? Don't even get me started. Even Glee is a disgrace.

Check out the Intro of the episodes to get the jist of the show:

You really have to watch a full episode to appreciate the creative genius behind it.
Very few people have imagination like this anymore.

I should have been born in the 60's.....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I WANT IT: Mole Salami

WARNING: This is a very random post.

I was reading Fine Cooking magazine the other day and turned to a page about Italian-style cured meats. Reading along, I discovered Mole Salami.

Pronounced 'mole-ay', it's a type of salami with typical Mexican ingredients, like chocolate, cinnamon, ancho, and chipotle peppers. Having had Mole Chicken in Mexico before (and loving it), my mouth watered at the sound of this concoction. I'm not really a Salami-eater, per say, but I do think I would enjoy this sumptious treat with some red wine and bread.

The only issue is that Mole Salami is produced in a shop in Seattle and to have it shipped here would be ridiculous and stupid. Regardless, one day, I will travel to Seattle and pick me up some Mole Salami.

View the website here:

Friday, March 19, 2010

I WANT IT: Burberry Prorsum Gabardine Coat

This trench is to die for.
Well, not quite, or else I would already be dead. But I want it
almost that bad.

Nicole Richie models the coat fairly well in my opinion. I love the light pink hue.

It's also available in violet, beige, and black. I'm definitely a fan of the violet, as displayed below. So many beautiful pale shades out this season that I'm drooling after.

If you've got a spare $6000 around, maybe you could go and buy us each a coat.
It retails at $2595 US.... which is a little too steep for me at the moment.

You can find full product details here:

Eat your heart out.

I LOVE HIM: Ed Westwick in GQ

Fall in love......

These photos are from Fall '09 issue of GQ.
They feature Ed Westwick, British hottie extraordinaire,
modelling some GQ men's fashions for this past fall season.
To me, these looks are timeless,
as is Ed Westwick.

I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight.