Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Book Reviews

Ok, so first of all..... I obviously haven't written anything in awhile. Statement = made.

Now to make it feel like we're in school again.
This is a quick book review of some books I've read lately and whether you need to read them or if you really shouldn't.

Testimony by Anita Shreve
Can you say GRAPHIC? There's pretty much no other word to describe this book. It was well written, a bit confusing at times, but I think that also made it interesting. Lots of time-shifting and different characters sharing their points of view. The reason I read it is because it's based at a private school, and who doesn't love a good private-school-sex-scandal? The basic premise of the book is that a student sex tape is found and publicized. It ruins the reputation of the school and opens a box of worms, leading to death, divorce, and the runination of many. I give it a 3/5. I would read another
Anita Shreve book, in the hopes that it was toned down a bit. As in.... less sex. Thought I'd never say that.

19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult
You already know it was good based on the fact that it was written by
Jodi Picoult, who I would definitely say is my favourite author at this point in time. This book takes you inside the mind of a killer; a high-school shooter; a victim; a child becoming a man. You don't ever think about the shooter's side of the story in incidents, like Columbine or the Virginia Tech massacre, but Jodi Picoult forces you to in 19 Minutes. It deserves a solid 4/5.

I just started reading
My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult, which I hear is a pretty intense book. I'm looking forward to getting into the depths of it; to that point where you can't put the book down. I also look forward to seeing the movie eventually. I really really hope I won't be disappointed.

Over and out.