Sunday, March 21, 2010

I WANT IT: Mole Salami

WARNING: This is a very random post.

I was reading Fine Cooking magazine the other day and turned to a page about Italian-style cured meats. Reading along, I discovered Mole Salami.

Pronounced 'mole-ay', it's a type of salami with typical Mexican ingredients, like chocolate, cinnamon, ancho, and chipotle peppers. Having had Mole Chicken in Mexico before (and loving it), my mouth watered at the sound of this concoction. I'm not really a Salami-eater, per say, but I do think I would enjoy this sumptious treat with some red wine and bread.

The only issue is that Mole Salami is produced in a shop in Seattle and to have it shipped here would be ridiculous and stupid. Regardless, one day, I will travel to Seattle and pick me up some Mole Salami.

View the website here:

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