Friday, April 9, 2010

I'M DOING IT: April-to-June Madness

It's unbelievable how busy life gets when you plan ahead, which I have to do, otherwise I would go completely insane. Here is a brief synopsis of what lies ahead for us in the coming months:

April 10 - Florence & the Machine concert in Toronto
April 11 - Cat Walk Fashion Show for the KW Humane Society
April 13 - Talk at the Meeting
April 16 - Gourmet Dinner in St. Jacobs
April 17 - Peter Pan at the Stratford Festival
April 17 - Girls Wine Tasting and Karaoke Night
April 20 - Hot Chip concert in Toronto
April 22 - Lou Lou Shopping Event at Don Mills Shopping Plaza in Toronto
April 23 to 27 - My brother and sister-in-law come home to visit!
April 24 - Elle Shopping Event and Fashion Show in Toronto
April 25 - 1st Anniversary Party for my brother and sister-in-law
April 26 - Kate Nash concert in Toronto
April 27 - White Rabbits concert in Toronto
May 1 - Yeasayer concert in Toronto
May 2 to May 12 - Getting ready for our trip to Europe
May 12 to May 30 - Off to Britain, Scotland, Ireland and Wales!
June 9 - She & Him concert in Toronto
June 11 to 13 - District Convention in Kitchener

And to top it all off, I have Boot Camp twice a week and riding 3 times a week, plus all the regular meetings and service. Oh, and work and watching Gossip Girl once a week, of course. Plus, hoping to fit in a weekend at the cottage at some point too.

It's going to be a CRAZY few months, but isn't that what makes life so great? I am looking forward to every aspect of these next few months (dreading the tiredness, but I'll sleep when I'm old).

Here's to being young, a little reckless, and having amazing friends to share all these experiences with!

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