Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I WANT IT: 50's-60's Kitchen

My dream kitchen would be the classic retro look. Black and white linoleum floors, colourful chairs and accessories, a cupcake apron and hair piece, a big cookie jar, glass bottles of milk in the fridge, the smell of bread baking in the oven, and Ward coming home from work saying 'I'm home, June!"

Life was so simple in the days of Leave It to Beaver. The women were the stay-at-home wives/moms, the husbands were the breadwinners, off to their busy day at the office, and the kids ran around with their neighbourhood friends causing mischief. I am so nostolgic of an era I wasn't even alive in.

I am determined to do my best to re-vamp my kitchen area a little bit with some retro elements. If I could afford to change the countertop or find time to repaint the walls, I would, but some less expensive alternatives are in store. Don't get me wrong. I love my kitchen, but it could definitely use some colour. White seemed to be an easy choice for everything upon moving in, so now that I've been moved in for 3 years (has it been 3 years already?) it's time for some updates!

These are some pieces I've had my eye on to help with the update:

Stand Mixer in 'Ice' from KitchenAid
$350 US

Provencal Cookie Jar from Anthrologie
$38 CA

Baker's Delight Apron from Anthropologie (I actually have this already)
$44 CA
Flower Farm Measuring Cups from Anthropologie
$38 CA
Tapestry Dishtowels from Anthropologie (I have these already too)
TicToc Clock from Little Clock Shop
$70 US

To me, how a kitchen looks foretells how much you will use it. The kitchen should have a 'come hither and bake' look to it. By the time I'm done with it, my kitchen will be saying 'come hither' too.

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