Friday, January 15, 2010

I WANT IT: Filson Wool Duffle Bag

Plaid is the new tan. Well, not really, but kind of. There is a plaid-craze going on. Someone should make a movie 'Attack of the Plaid' where people get infected with the plaid-craze, and they all start wearing plaid, and the heroes have to stop them or else we'll have a plaid-infected universe and all die of the plaid. I should patent that idea before someone steals it.

Back to the bag.

This bag is from a company in the States called Filson and the reason I love it is.... the plaid (specifically the burgundy plaid as pictured above). Yes, I have the plaid-craze. It has leather trim, which reminds me of my riding tack and all the good leathery-ness of it. It would be a good bag to take to the cottage on weekends in the fall/winter or to Blue Mountain for a weekend skiing trip. Unfortunately, like most things, it's too expensive to purchase, approx. $250.

But I can admire from a distance.

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