Monday, January 11, 2010

I'M DOING IT: Booty Camp

Tonight is my first session of Booty Camp.
I refer to it as Boot Camp,
'cause saying I'm going to Booty Camp makes me sound like a hooker.

I heard about it from an old friend of mine and signed up.
It's an across-Canada camp for women only,
and it's an hour workout 2 nights a week in the evening,
which is great for those of us who sleep through our alarms on a regular basis.
Not naming names....

This is the link for those interested.

This session is SOLD OUT, which is a good sign, right?
I'll try and post updates on how it is
(but we all know I'm terrible at posting on a regular basis).
Key word there is TRY.

I suspect I'll be mighty sore in the morning,
but as they say, it's a 'good sore.'

Pray for my muscles, please. How bad can it be tho
Can't be worse than walking miles on end through New York City
for 7 days straight and contemplating amputating my feet and legs
and hiring someone to push me around in a wheelchair for the remainder of the trip.
Or can it?

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